Stop Playing The Victim By Joseph Arnone

In this teen monologue, Sally visits her best friend and is yet again met with her friend’s negative attitude that she is sick of dealing with for so long.

Sally:  I’m trying to understand something.  Why is it that when I talk to you about things that make me happy you always get down?  Whenever I talk to you about things that upset me, you always get so involved.

Do you want me to be miserable in my life?  I feel as though the only way for us to have any relationship is when things are bad.  I don’t want things to be bad.  I want to talk about good things.  I want to hear you tell me good things.  Why is that so hard for you?  Do you realize that every time I come over here you have nothing nice to say.  You are always complaining and moaning about your work, your boyfriend, your family, your apartment…you never have anything happy going on it seems.

It’s like the only way you can exist and communicate is by raging against something.  Doesn’t that exhaust you?  It takes more energy to be miserable than be happy.  Try being happy and stop playing the victim all the time.

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