Arthur Miller Plays

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Arthur Miller Plays

I’m sure many can agree that one of the many joys of an actors journey is getting to work on Arthur Miller Plays. Few 20th-century playwrights capture the American spirit like Arthur Miller. Miller penned several theatrical masterpieces, such as Death of a Salesman and The Crucible. Arthur Miller has lived a life most can only dream of experiencing. Achievement, critical acclaim, high scrutiny before Congress, and the smoldering love of a Hollywood movie actress – Marilyn Monroe – each colored Miller’s writing legacy.

Over seven decades, Arthur Miller wrote dozens of theatrical plays, radio plays, and screenplays. He also earned an Academy Award nomination in 1997 for an adaption of his work The Crucible, featuring Wynonna Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis in starring roles.

Arthur Miller is considered one of the greatest American playwrights and his work still stands on its own after all these years. Below is a list of the best Arthur Miller Plays of all time.

Arthur Miller Plays

death of a salesman

Death Of A Salesman

A two-act tragedy set in 1940s New York told through a montage of memories, dreams, and arguments of the protagonist Willy Loman, a travelling salesman who is disappointed with his life, and appears to be slipping into senility.

all my sons

All My Sons

All My Sons based upon a true story, tells the tale of Joe Keller, a successful, self-made American man who has done a terrible thing. During World War II, as he hurried to meet an order from the Army, he knowingly sold defective airplane parts which later caused planes to crash and killed 21 men

the crucible

The Crucible

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a fictional play from 1953 based on the Salem witch trials which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. It tells the story of a village that becomes embroiled in a witch hunt. The people of Salem live in a constant state of fear as more and more people are accused of witchcraft.

A View From The Bride

A View From The Bridge is set in 1950’s, in an Italian American neighborhood in New York City. Eddie, the tragic protagonist, has an improper love of, and almost obsession with Catherine, his wife Beatrice’s orphaned niece, so he does not approve of her courtship of Beatrice’s cousin Rodolpho. 

after the fall

After The Fall

After the Fall, one of Arthur Miller’s more personal plays, is a thinly veiled personal critique centered on his divorce from Marilyn Monroe. It is not considered one of MIller’s more popular works.

The Price

In Arthur Miller’s engrossing The Price, two brothers who have been estranged for the past 16 years confront their family history when they finally meet to dispose of the furniture accumulated in their deceased father’s apartment.

The man who had all the luck

The Man Who Had All The Luck

Infused with the moral malaise of the Depression era, the parable-like drama centers on David Beeves, a man whose every obstacle to personal and professional success seems to crumble before him with ease. But his good fortune merely serves to reveal the tragedies of those around him in greater relief, offering what David believes to be evidence of a capricious god or, worse, a godless, arbitrary universe.

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