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Actors in theatre, and sometimes in film and television, may be asked to deliver monologues in auditions. Your choice of monologues for an audition should work around your strengths as an actor and what you are trying to convey. When performing a monologue you should use the characters speech to achieve a certain goal. Audition monologues demonstrate your ability to rehearse a piece and deliver a performance truthfully. As an actor, it’s always challenging to find new and interesting material for your next audition. It can be incredibly frustrating scouring the Internet for decent monologues which is why we have assembled an incredible database of monologues for actors as a free resource to all our members.

We will be constantly adding new monologues to this ever-expanding database and feel free to forward us suggestions in the event you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Browse our database where you can find dramatic monologues, comedic monologues, classical monologues and contemporary monologues and more. Search monologues by age, gender, length. (one minute monologues) to find the best piece for your audition.

All monologues are for educational use only.

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