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In the bustling city of New York, where Broadway dreams and Hollywood aspirations come to life, a captivating headshot can make all the difference for an actor. A headshot is more than just a photograph; it’s a ticket to auditions, a foot in the door, and a representation of your brand. With a plethora of photographers to choose from, finding the right one can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top headshot photographers for actors in NY, each with their unique style and approach to help you stand out in a sea of talent.

The Competitive Landscape

NYC is a city of dreamers and doers. The competition is fierce, and you’ve got to stand out. A killer headshot can give you that competitive edge.

Why NYC is Unique for Headshots

From iconic backdrops to world-class photographers, NYC offers a unique blend of elements that make for a perfect headshot. It’s not just a photo; it’s a piece of art.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Portfolio Review

Before you book anyone, check their portfolio. Do their photos speak to you? Do they have a style that aligns with your brand?

Budget Considerations

Let’s be real; quality doesn’t come cheap, especially in NYC. But remember, a great headshot is an investment in your future.

Style and Aesthetic

Every photographer has a unique style. Whether you like natural light or studio setups, make sure your photographer can deliver what you’re looking for.

headshots NYC NYC Headshots

Jessica Osber Photography

Jessica Osber is a highly sought-after headshot photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is renowned for her beautiful lighting, artful approach to angles, and exceptional ability to capture expressions, ensuring that each shot tells a compelling story. Jessica’s work is inspired by her extensive experience as an actor/director and her training with world-renowned portrait photographers. Her sessions are a blend of directive and collaborative efforts, aiming to artfully narrate the stories of each client while delivering professional and highly marketable headshots.

Jessica Osber’s photography work has taken her across the country, where she has worked with actors and professionals in various industries. Her work has been featured in national publications, and she has been invited to speak on the business of acting at universities.

Pricing: Starting at $675 
*Discounts for university students and returning clients available*

Website: https://osberphotos.com

Headshots in New York

Emily Lambert Photography

Emily Lambert specializes in branding and headshot photography. Emily is voted as one of the top five Headshots NYC Photographers according to Backstage magazine. Her clients have appeared in many Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and National Touring shows, many films and such TV shows as Wanda Vision, Orange is the New Black, High School Musical The Series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Cobra Kai. Her work has also been seen on ‘The Today Show’ and many publications including Fight Master Magazine, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Marie Claire, Metro NY, and the cover of Yoga and Health magazine.



  • up to four wardrobe changes
  • up to 3 hours shoot time
  • two retouched images
  • all images available for download in roughly 2 weeks from your session*

This package is intended for people who need ample time, maybe more coaching… or want several hair and makeup changes, and to perfect each ‘look’ idea they have. Any combination of image styles you want… Studio headshots, outdoor headshots, studio branding, outdoor branding!


  • two wardrobe changes
  • up to 2 hours shoot time
  • one retouched image
  • all images available for download in roughly 2 weeks from your session*

This package is ideal for people who need a little more time, a little more coaching, are in need of more major hair or makeup changes, or just want to nail those two perfect looks.

Website: https://www.emilylambertphoto.com

David Noles

headshots ny

David Noles

David Noles is a professional photographer who specializes in headshots. Originally from Los Angeles, David moved his studio to New York City a few years ago after falling in love with a New Yorker named Barbara. David is passionate about his work and loves taking pictures.

He works alongside Anna Malskaya, who handles makeup and hair for all headshot sessions. Anna is described as funny, thoughtful, and passionate about dance and literature. When clients arrive for their sessions, Anna is usually the first to greet them, making them feel welcome and at home.


Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions, if you’d like pricing, or if you’d like to schedule a session.


Website: https://www.davidnoles.com

jeffrey Mosier

headshots new york city

Jeffrey Mosier Photography

Jeffrey Mosier specializes in headshot photography. He has worked with notable actors such as Diane Guerrero, known for her roles in “Orange is the New Black,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Doom Patrol,” as well as Dominique Thorne, who has appeared in “Black Panther, Wakanda Forever,” “Iron Heart,” and “If Beale Street Could Talk.”

Unfortunately, the website did not provide specific details about his work or pricing. For more information, you can visit his website: Jeffrey Mosier Photography.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing info

Jeffrey Mosier Photography – Headshots NYC
[email protected]
117 9th Street Suite 216
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Website: https://www.jeffreymosierphotography.com

Ted Ely

headshots NYC headshots nyc

Ted Ely

Ted Ely is a leading actor headshot and portrait photographer based in New York City. His primary goal is to capture the unique qualities and energy of actors and professionals in a single headshot. Ted understands the uncertainties and challenges of an acting career, especially in the competitive NYC scene, and aims to provide certainty through professional acting headshots.

Ted emphasizes the importance of having a professional behind the camera who knows exactly what they’re doing, allowing you to relax and be yourself. He believes that a good headshot not only represents you visually but also professionally, artistically, and energetically. Ted is focused on capturing your confident personality and individual style, which could be the difference in securing your next gig.

While the website acknowledges that professional headshots can be expensive, it suggests that they are a worthwhile investment for your career. Ted encourages saving $30–$50 a week for your headshot fund, emphasizing the potential career-changing impact of a good headshot.



If you are interested in working with Ted and have questions or would like the most current pricing list, session details, and upcoming availability please email Meghann at [email protected].


Website: https://tedely.com

actor headshots NYC

Curtis And Court

Curtis Holbrook

“I’ve been a New York City Photographer for over fifteen-years and a Broadway actor for over twenty. Headshot photography just sort of found me: After a string of Broadway show closings, I decided to enroll at Photo Manhattan to fill my time. Our final assignment was self-portraits and they came out looking like amazing headshots- headshots that I ended up using as an actor for years and booked me a ton of work! From there, I just became obsessed with photography and basically a headshot fanatic/maniac. My mission is to give you the best shot you’ve ever had.”

Cortney Holbrook

“I’ve been a Broadway actor for over fifteen-years now and just before I started a three-year run in Kinky Boots on Broadway, I decided to take a Makeup Artistry course at Chic Studios. I already loved makeup and wanted to start free-lancing between gigs. It was right around that time that I met Curtis and we started Curtis & Cort Photography. We created our business together before we were even engaged- I guess we had some serious faith it would work out! I never got around to free-lancing because we loved working together with actors so much. We like to say that Curtis runs the camera, but I run the business :). I’m also that lady you’re talking to if you contact us!



Downloadable Gallery of ALL Images 
Quick Gallery Turnaround (1-Bus. Day)
(No College Discount)


2-Retouched Images & Downloadable Gallery of ALL Images


Up to 6-Looks
4-Retouched Images & Downloadable Gallery of ALL Images

Website: https://www.curtisandcort.com

coco Jourdana

Coco Jourdana 

Coco Jourdana specializes in various types of photography, including portraits, lifestyle & fashion, commercial, as well as love and weddings. Unfortunately, the website did not provide extensive details about the photographer, Coco Jourdana, or the pricing for the services offered.


Hour Special

1 hour 15 minutes @ $375.00

1h of shooting only + 15 min of prep for outfits etc 
NO MUA ACCEPTED – have to come hair and makeup ready 
HEADSHOTS : 2 looks/ 2 retouched pictures

1 hour 45 minutes @ $575.00

2 change of clothes / Headshots only 

Possibility to book a hair and makeup artist

Perfect for a quick refresh or to add a couple looks to your current headshots!

HEADSHOTS : 3 looks / 3 retouched pictures

2 hours 15 minutes @ $700.00

3 change of clothes / Headshots only

HEADSHOTS : 4 looks / 4 retouched pictures

3 hours @ $800.00

4 change of clothes/ Headshots only 

Possibility to book a hair and makeup artist 

Perfect to completely revamp your headshots/start fresh or if this is your first time doing headshots!

Website: https://studiococonyc.com

idalmiz Lopez

Idalmiz Lopez

Idalmiz Lopez is a photographer operating in both New York City and Los Angeles. She specializes in portraits and headshots, and her portfolio also includes events. The website showcases a variety of her work, featuring different subjects in various settings.


For pricing please contact them directly

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://idalmizlopez.com

Choosing the right photographer is a critical step in an actor’s journey to success. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the scene, the NYC Headshot photographers on this list offer a range of styles and price points to meet your needs. From the artistic flair of Jessica Osber Photography to the classic elegance of David Noles, there’s something for everyone. Armed with this information, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision and invest in a headshot that truly captures your essence. Happy shooting!

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Headshots NYC FAQ’s

Stick to neutral colors and avoid busy patterns. Dress for the looks you want to convey for each headshot. Keep the roles you are going out for in mind when choosing wardrobe.

Every 2-3 years or whenever you undergo a significant appearance change.

While it’s possible, a professional photographer can capture nuances that a selfie simply can’t.

Yes, the requirements for corporate, acting, and personal branding headshots can vary. It’s best to have different versions tailored to specific needs.

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