One Sunday Afternoon by James Hagan 

This lovely, if somewhat sentimental play, written in 1930, is about young love in a small Midwestern town. Amy, a romantic young girl, has a crush on the town bully and she’s describing it to her friend Virginia.]

AMY: I don’t know. Maybe it was love, I don’t know, but— Well, when I was very young— of course, that’s a long time ago, you understand. It was in school. There was this boy. I don’t know‐‐he never looked at me and I never…Virginia, did you ever have a feeling in your heart‐‐Something that you feel is going to happen and it doesn’t— that’s the way my heart was— (she touches her heart) It wasn’t love, I know that—   (pause) He never even noticed me. I could have been a stick in the mud as far as he was concerned. Virginia, this boy always seemed lonely somehow. Everybody had it in for him, even the teachers—they called him bully—but I know he wasn’t. I saw him do a lot of good things—when the big boys picked on the smaller ones, he helped the little fellows out. I know he had a lot of good in him—good, that nobody else could see—that’s why my heart longs for him.

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