You’re a good man Charlie Brown Monologue

This monologue ranges in age from kid to twenties and is a perfect thought piece in which Peppermint Patty asks Charlie Brown to explain love. It’s heartfelt and honest.

Monologue: You know what I don’t understand, Chuck? I don’t understand love. Explain love to me Chuck. You can’t explain love, Chuck what do you mean “if you happen to see this cute little girl walk by”? Why does she have to be cute? Can’t someone fall in love with a girl who isn’t cute, and has freckles and a big nose? Explain that, Chuck. I didn’t say a great big nose. So, Chuck, do you think you’ll ever get married? Well, what kind of girl do you think you’ll marry? What do you mean she’d be the kind of girl who would call you, “Poor Sweet Baby?” You’re very strange.

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