The Shape of Water (Zelda)

Zelda recounts finding a turtle in the road during her childhood in this thought-provoking monologue that questions how the actions of humans affect everything around us. This is a beautiful monologue for a female audition in the age range of the thirties, forties, and fifties.

Monologue: When I was a little girl- I found a turtle sitting out in the middle of the road. Crossing it slowly. Car could run it over any minute. So, I picked it up, took it to a pond way back behind my house… and I laid it down under a big camphor tree, and I thought… “Mmmh- It’s gonna be so happy here”. And I left it there. (beat) But that night I figured out I had no idea where it was going… Far as I know it was bringing food to its nest or- looking to procreate- or escaping an owl. And maybe the worst place to keep it- maybe the place it was running from was that pond under that camphor tree. (looks at the fish) I didn’t care. I just did what I wanted with it…

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