‘The Worst Person in the World’ Emerges as Simply the Best at Norway’s Amanda Awards

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Joachim Trier’s Oscar-nominated smash “The Worst Person in the World,” about a young woman trying to figure out what – and who – she really wants in her life, won big at Norway’s Amanda Awards on Saturday night, scooping five statuettes, including one for best film.

Trier, who now holds the title for most Amanda Awards, also won for best screenplay with his long-time collaborator Eksil Vogt. The film’s breakout star Renate Reinsve, already awarded at Cannes, picked up her first Amanda for her portrayal of Julie, with Anders Danielsen Lie named best supporting actor.

Back in February, Reinsve – who will be next seen in “A Different Man” alongside Sebastian Stan – opened up about her work with Trier, which started in 2011 on “Oslo, August 31st,” her very first feature film.

“I was an extra with one line. I had nothing to compare it to – it was my first movie set. I thought you guys were just a group of friends having fun and making a movie. I didn’t think acting was supposed to be like that at all,” she told Trier.

Later, the helmer wrote the part of Julie with her in mind.

“When he asked me, I had this strange reaction: ‘Are you sure?’ You always pushed me to lose control, but it wasn’t about me delivering a good performance. It was about all of us, finding something interesting within every scene. You know the term GOAT, Joachim, the Greatest of All Time? You are the GOAT of Norway,” she added.

“The Worst Person in the World” was also nominated for directing, editing, visual effects, production design, score and sound design, as well as for Herbert Nordrum’s performance as Julie’s love interest. It was also the audience favorite, winning the People’s Choice Award.

Interestingly, Trier’s co-writer Eskil Vogt also returned to the stage that night, as his disturbing drama “The Innocents” about a group of children discovering their mysterious powers was noticed as well. Following the film’s Cannes premiere, Variety wrote: “Exceptional child performers and a superbly eerie yet gritty atmosphere distinguish this darkly satisfying art-house chiller.”

While its young cast got nominated, from Sam Ashraf to Rakel Lenora Fløttum, Alva Brynsmo Ramstad and Mina Yasmin Bremseth Asheim, Vogt ended up winning best director, with the film also celebrating wins in the cinematography, editing and sound design categories.

“We have been collaborating for 20 years now, from our shorts early on. It’s kind of absurd to be nominated against Eskil’s film now, which is remarkable [by the way],” said Trier after the ceremony.

“But we are happy to receive this together and we are working on something new at the moment,” Trier added.

Pål Sverre Hagen won his second trophy for “The Middle Man,” with Sara Khorami accepting the award for her supporting turn in “Nothing to Laugh About.”

This year’s Honorary Amanda went to producer Aage Aaberge, known for such films as “Kon-Tiki” – which in 2013 scored Pål Sverre Hagen his first Amanda – or “The 12th Man,” a war drama featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He also executive produced “Everybody Hates Johan,” awarded this year for its score and makeup.

While the triumph of “The Worst Person in the World” and “The Innocents,” both massive international successes, was to be expected, the best foreign Film category provided a welcome surprise with Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s A24 sensation “Everything Everywhere All at Once” beating the likes of “Flee” and Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster “Dune.”

“When I signed up for this, I knew there were a lot of things that I had not tried before, and I was allowed to go crazy and do something with it,” lead Michelle Yeoh told Variety.

“When you do something like this, you have to believe in it, otherwise, it just doesn’t work.”

The awards marked the beginning of the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, which wraps on Aug. 27.


Best Film

“The Worst Person in the World”

(Director: Joachim Trier, Producers: Andrea Berentsen Ottmar & Thomas Robsahm)

Best Director

Eskil Vogt, “The Innocents”

Best Actress

Renate Reinsve, “The Worst Person in the World”

Best Actor

Pål Sverre Hagen, “The Middle Man”

Best Supporting Actress

Sara Khorami, “Nothing to Laugh About”

Best Supporting Actor

Anders Danielsen Lie, “The Worst Person in the World”

Best Documentary

“Young and Afraid”

(Director: Petter Aaberg & Sverre Kvamme, producers: Carsten Annonsen & Even Benestad)

Best Children’s Film

“Three Wishes for Cinderella”

(Director: Cecilie Mosli, producers: Fredrick Howard & Petter Borgli)

Best Short Film


(Director & producer: Christoffer Lossius)

Best Foreign Film

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”

(Director: Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert, distributor: Another World Entertainment)

Best Screenplay

Eskil Vogt & Joachim Trier, “The Worst Person in the World”

Best Cinematography

Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, “The Innocents”

Best Editing

Jens Christian Fodstad, “The Innocents”

Best Sound Design

Gisle Tveito & Gustaf Berger, “The Innocents”

Best Score

Jørund Fluge Samuelsen, “Everybody Hates Johan”

Best Costume Design

Flore Vauville, “Three Wishes for Cinderella”

Best Makeup

Asta Hafthorsdaottir & Thomas Foldberg, “Everybody Hates Johan”

Best Production Design

Diana Magnus, “The Middle Man”

Best Visual Effects

VFX Supervisor Arne Kaupang, Theodor Flo-Groeneboom (Rebel Unit), Morten Jacobsen (Storm Studios), Lars Erik Hansen (Gimpville) and Magnus Olsson (Filmgate) for “The North Sea”

People’s Choice Award

“The Worst Person in the World”

(Director: Joachim Trier, Producers: Andrea Berentsen Ottmar & Thomas Robsahm)

Golden Clapper

Paul Rene Roestad

Honorary Amanda

Aage Aaberge

‘The Worst Person in the World’ Emerges as Simply the Best at Norway’s Amanda Awards

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