The Canterville Ghost By Oscar Wilde

The Canterville Ghost Monologue

Sir Simon

Scene 8: The Haunting Resumes – Sir Simon Monoologue

Receipt and yellow pad of rent terms are pinned on wall of hall. Twins pin up fake ghost on wall and run around the edge of set to hide. Sir Simon enters and grabs rent terms off wall.

Sir Simon: [Reading mockingly from paper] Dear Sir, As you know, we have recently purchased this

place from Lord Canterville. If you wish to remain here, we will be forced to collect rent. Please remit

payment before the end of this week. Thank you!

Sir Simon: What?! Who are these people? Charge me rent to live in my own home? It is I who ought to

be charging them rent! [rips paper in half and throws it to the floor]

Starts walking to library and then sees ghost scarecrow

Sir Simon: Ahh! A ghost! It’s a ghastly ghost!

Runs to his room

Sir Simon: Oh, what a terrible, horrible ghost! I swear, it was going to kill me!

Sir Simon: Wait, I have an idea. Maybe this ghost, this terrifying new phantom, can help me get rid of

the Otises. I’ll go talk to him.

Sir Simon: [Talking to himself] Talk to him? Are you mad? That thing would soon rip me up as listen to

me gab.

Sir Simon: How much damage could it really do? I mean, I’m already dead. I shall go forth and talk


Enters stage gingerly.

Sir Simon: Uh, Lord Ghost? Morning, Sir. [pokes with finger] I’m Sir Simon de Canterville, and I’ve

haunted this place for over 300 years, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of making your

acquaintance. How do you do? [shakes hand, which comes off]

Sir Simon: Ahh! [Staggers backwards]

Sir Simon: Uhh, Sir, I’m sure you know what a danger this Otis family is.

Sir Simon: Hey, wake up, you there! Come on, I don’t have all night! [Grabs arm and the whole ghost

comes down]

Sir Simon: Sorry Sir, I guess I can be a little rough sometimes. Are all right?

Sir Simon: Gah! What’s this!? [Holds up sign and reads] “Ye Otis Ghoste. Ye Onlie True and Origionale

Spook. Beware of Ye Imitationes. All others are Counterfeite.”

Sir Simon: I have been outwitted? Never! That Otis family will pay for this.

Twins enter and attack with pea-shooters.

Lewis: Boo!

Clark: Boo!

Lewis and Clark: Ghost Noises

Sir Simon: You rascals! [Holds up ghost] Was this your idea!? I’ll get you yet!

Twins chase Sir Simon off stage

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