Curse Of The Starving Class By Sam Shepard – Emma

Emma Monologue Curse Of The Starving Class

Emma: I had a fryer in there all ready to go. I killed it interested in everything. I just stuck it in here yesterday.

Ma, you didn’t use my chicken did you?

That was my chicken. You boiled it? You boiled my chicken?!

I raised that chicken from the incubator to the grave and you, you boiled it like it was any old frozen hunk of flesh? There’s no consideration for the labor involved. I get to feed that chicken crushed corn every day for a year. I have to change its water,  I have to kill it with an ax. I had to spill its guts out. I had to pluck every feather off of its body so that you could take it and boil it!  Ah there is no consideration.  If I had seen a chicken in the freezer I would have asked somebody before I went and boiled it.

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