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We first met Emilia when she participated in We Are Actors presents “A Night Of Scenes”, the premiere acting showcase for up and coming actors in New York. Her wonderful audition earned her a spot in the prestigious showcase and prompted us to feature her on

Emilias Past Work

(‘The Sleepover Olympics’ -Short Film contender for Shit n Giggles Festival, ‘The Gene Pool’ -Feature Film in New York, ‘Dark Parks’ -Feature Film directed by Malcolm Mills NYC Horror Film Buff festival winner, ‘A Christmas Carol’ – Radio Play done during covid in Vancouver, ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ -Off Off Broadway Performance at The Gallery Players with 2 week run) 

Images From Recent Works

Images from Emilia’s performance in The House of Bernarda Alba

The House of Bernarda Alba (Spanish: La casa de Bernarda Alba) is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. Commentators have often grouped it with Blood Wedding and Yerma as a “rural trilogy”. Garcia Lorca did not include it in his plan for a “trilogy of the Spanish land” (which remained unfinished at the time of his murder). Emilia played the role of Amelia.

Images from A Night Of Scenes


  1. What about the industry in the US is different from that of Vancouver,  Canada or Canada in general?

Answer: Depending on what city you’re in, Canada versus the US, each one seems to have its own bread and butter. On the West coast as most people are familiar, produces the main bulk of film and tv work especially in Vancouver. While the city still presents a warm theatre community, not to mention a lively comedy scene of both stand up and improv (parts of which I grew up in) the primary content of what gets produced is film and tv, not far off from its southern neighbour of Los Angeles. Toronto on the other hand,  in a similar fashion to New York encompasses both worlds, film and tv along with theatre and of course a thriving comedy scene, including Second city and UCB just to name a few. 

2. What career accomplishments to date have you been most proud of (or something to this effect, can be worded better if it’s sounds good clunky) 

Answer: To date, I am most proud to have been a part of The Gallery Player’s Off-Off Broadway production of ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’. It was such a memorable experience partly due to the material and the wonderful ensemble of actors that made the job of creating a family away from home seamless. In the production I played the sister ‘Amelia’ (coincidentally named) who’s entire MO revolves around being the eyes and ears of the audience. She asks the questions the audience so desperately wants to find out and pursues them with great fervor until she no longer can and fate takes over. Audiences repeated they were beyond thankful for getting the chance to experience such honest theatre that proved older texts still have relevant messaging, I’m thrilled to have been a part of the upcoming festival release feature ‘The Gene Pool’ directed by established indie director Gabriel Fuller-Rodriguez.  A tongue in cheek absurdist comedy about a young woman desperate to pursue motherhood. Who along the way, is forced to reckon with her dynamic disrupting behavior towards all her friends. Including long time bestie Katya, who I had the pleasure of playing. This role was raw, unfiltered, absurd, a perfect representation of what happens when we finally have to confront our adult selves about what matters to us. 

3. What piece of advice keeps you going in this industry? (again something to this effect can be worded differently to sound better) 

Believe it or not the best piece of advice I received came from a review of a Radio Play performance I was a part of during the height of covid. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to perform in front of audiences live, but this didn’t stop us from putting the staged reading on tape and releasing it as a streamable version. In a review by Vancouver Presents,  author Mark Robins made the remark that “….[any] performer who is able to show audiences why we should care about a performance in the first place stands every chance at garnering a returning customer! All this to say, ensemble members Michalowska, Browner, Adams, Monk, Raymond, and Shields gave audiences in a particularly unprecedented time a reason to care about  the kind of theatre we were watching. With authentic and impassioned performances it truly was one for the books in a classic tale as old as time.” What I took from this review was something I continue to apply to every project I work on no matter the genre, and that’s a clear understanding of why I’m doing it. I think what makes any performance watchable is a performer who’s committed and moved by themselves, so much so that it takes little to no suspension of disbelief from the audience. I strive to give it my all and always put intention behind my actions. 

Emilia Mich’s creative journey is marked by her relentless pursuit of comedy, absurdity, and authenticity. Born in Vancouver and currently working in Toronto, Mich’s work as an actor, writer, producer, and comedian reflects her multifaceted talent. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts, she has been involved in various projects, including the independently produced Web Series ‘Coco Again’ and the short film ‘You Don’t Read Enough.’ Her training at renowned institutions like the Upright Citizens Brigade and her involvement with NYU’s longform Improv Team: Dangerbox, further highlight her commitment to her craft. Driven by her passion and endlessly curious, Mich’s work is a celebration of creativity, and her future endeavors are sure to bring more excitement and challenges to her artistic journey.

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