‘Jurassic Park’: Emerald Fennell Wants To Make An “Erotic” Dinosaurs Film In The Famous Franchise

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One of the best aspects of the democratization of creative media is the ability for just about anyone to write and self-publish a novel. We’ve seen so many authors in the modern era get their start with self-published books. This also leads to quite a few sub-genres that many don’t even realize exist being more mainstream. One such sub-genre, which is pretty popular (but I must admit, it’s very foreign to me), is dinosaur erotica. Yes, you read that right. What does this have to do with an article on The Playlist about award-winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell. Well, if she had her druthers, she might be the person to make the first mainstream dinosaur erotica film, and she’d put it firmly in the “Jurassic Park” franchise.

In an interview with Deadline, Emerald Fennell was asked if there is a dream project she’d love to make. Though she is still fairly new to the world of filmmaking, she counts herself lucky as she has been able to make some dream projects already. That said, she did open up about one project she is keen on making. Though, I don’t believe she’ll be getting a call from Steven Spielberg anytime soon with an offer to make it a reality.

“I honestly feel that I’ve been so lucky. I’ve been able to make my dream projects already,” said Fennell. “But my favorite film of all time is ‘Jurassic Park,’ so I would love to get in on the dinosaurs. Well, first and foremost, it’s very erotic. I think humans and dinosaurs have gotten to that stage in their time together where things are starting to get quite thrilling. So, there’s a marriage between a man and a velociraptor and it’s basically a domestic drama.”

You have to assume Fennell is having a bit of cheeky fun with the question, but let’s pretend for a moment that she is 100% sincere. Would anyone actually be interested in an erotic drama featuring a man who is married to a velociraptor? As mentioned, variations of this story seem to exist in novels (and perhaps other media), so there is an audience. But the idea of Universal putting down millions and millions of dollars for a film with interspecies “action” seems a bit far-fetched to say the absolute least.

Now, if it did happen, you better believe The Playlist would cover it. The poster, trailer, and all the marketing materials would be absolutely amazing. And could you imagine the leading man? Who would blindly trust Fennell enough to see this through? “Saltburn” star Barry Keoghan? Perhaps Jacob Elordi? He has stated he wouldn’t do a superhero film, but what if he was offered the chance to cuddle a vicious dino?

Basically, can we get a crowd-funding campaign going for this? Let’s encourage Emerald Fennell to cash in whatever golden ticket she has earned in Hollywood on the biggest risk of all—erotic dino filmmaking.

‘Jurassic Park’: Emerald Fennell Wants To Make An “Erotic” Dinosaurs Film In The Famous Franchise

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