Jon Hamm, Once Mister Sinister, Still Wants In On Marvel: ‘I Hope I Get a Chance’

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Way back in 2018, during the whole “New Mutants” debacle (remember that mess?), it was reported that Jon Hamm was actually expected to make an appearance in the film as the villainous Mr. Sinister. Of course, that didn’t actually come to be, but the world was still delivered yet another subpar “X-Men” film. Alas, years later, it appears Hamm is still keen on working in a Marvel film at some point.

Speaking to Screenrant, while promoting the new season of “Fargo,” Jon Hamm was asked if he’d still like to show up eventually in a Marvel film. Typically, when asked this sort of thing, a big actor will give the company line, “Sure, you never know what might happen.” But in the case of Hamm, it really does sound as if he’s excited by the idea of getting to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I would love to,” said Hamm. “I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics and comics in general since I was probably single digits. I think there are tons of stories that I’m familiar with, at least, that are still out there to be told.”

He added, “Hopefully, whatever their plans are, they include me. But if not, I know that they have a pretty deep bench of folks that are ready to be a part of those stories. There are certainly a lot of stories in the X-Men world to be told. Fantastic Four as well, [like] Doctor Doom. There are so many great things out there. But yeah, I hope I get a chance. Who knows?”

At this point, more than 15 years into the life of the MCU, there aren’t too many huge characters left for Hamm to portray. As he mentioned, the new “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” franchises do seem like a solid place for someone like him to still land a well-known Marvel hero or villain. There are some very unsubstatiated rumors that he may be up for the Doctor Doom role, so who knows?

Regardless, it would appear that Hamm’s prime superhero years may be behind him, as he is already in his 50s. That said, he looks great and has a very classic superhero-y face. Marvel could do a lot worse, that’s for sure.

Jon Hamm, Once Mister Sinister, Still Wants In On Marvel: ‘I Hope I Get a Chance’

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