‘Creed IV’ In The Works With Michael B. Jordan Returning To Direct

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To say that “Creed III” was a massive success is an understatement. Not only did the third film (and first directed by star Michael B. Jordan) outgross the previous film ($275 million worldwide vs. $214 million worldwide, respectively), but the third film actually outperformed the acclaimed original by more than $100 million globally. And if you’re a studio and you see those numbers, you better believe the franchise is going to keep going.

In a recent panel at Deadline’s Contenders Film: Los Angeles, ‘Creed’ producer Irvin Winkler talked about the possibility of a new film in the popular boxing franchise. That is to say, he confirmed what we already assumed—Michael B. Jordan is coming back as Adonis Creed in a new film.

“We are planning to do ‘Creed IV’ right now,” Winkler said. “We have a really good story [and] a really good plot. We got a little delayed because of the strikes, but about a year from now we’re going into pre-production.”

If the idea of a “Creed IV” was a given, it was less certain whether or not Jordan would once again step behind the camera. The previous film in the franchise served as the directorial debut for the A-lister, and it appears the actor-turned-filmmaker is going to keep directing ‘Creed’ films.

“He will be,” Winkler said about Jordan directing the new film. “He did such a great job — he was comfortable with the camera.”

Obviously, it’s still unclear when we might see “Creed IV” in theaters. If pre-production isn’t set to begin for another year, it’s likely another film in this franchise is still pretty far away. However, it’s not like Jordan is getting old, so he can take time between films, especially with his ridiculously busy schedule.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of the “Creed” franchise, and probably the “Rocky” franchise before it, then you’re jazzed about the news of a new film. And if the previous film is any indication, this is a franchise that is able to still keep the quality going, which is no easy feat.

‘Creed IV’ In The Works With Michael B. Jordan Returning To Direct

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