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The Best UK Drama Schools

Embarking on a journey to become a professional actor in the UK is both thrilling and daunting. With a plethora of drama schools offering various acting courses, the quest for quality education in the performing arts can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to understand that not all institutions are created equal, and the accreditation of a drama school plays a pivotal role in ensuring the education you receive is of the highest standard. This introduction aims to unravel the complexities of finding accredited drama schools in the UK, highlighting their significance for aspiring actors.

Researching Drama Schools

When it comes to choosing the best UK drama school, diving deep into research is non-negotiable. It’s not just about the fame or the name of the institution but finding a place that resonates with your personal aspirations and strengths. Whether you’re aiming to be a professional actor on the big screen or wish to excel in musical theatre, each school has its unique offerings. The Federation of Drama Schools emerges as a beacon for those navigating through the sea of options, providing a list of top-tier institutions renowned for their practical training and comprehensive acting courses. Remember, the goal is to find a school where the curriculum aligns with your career goals, enhancing your chances in the competitive world of auditions and acting.

Understanding the Accreditation Landscape

The landscape of drama school accreditation in the UK has seen significant shifts, especially with the closure of Drama UK. This development has introduced challenges in identifying schools that meet the rigorous standards of quality education in acting and musical theatre. However, entities like Conservatoires UK and the Council for Dance, Drama, and Musical Theatre (CDET) have stepped in to fill the void, offering accreditation to institutions that uphold the highest educational standards. The Federation of Drama Schools (FDS) also plays a crucial role, signifying a collective effort to maintain excellence in actor training. Understanding this accreditation ecosystem is vital for any aspiring actor, as it ensures that the time and resources invested in your education lead to fruitful outcomes in your acting career.

The Importance of Auditions and Applying

Stepping into the world of acting and musical theatre programmes requires more than just a passion for the craft; it demands preparation, dedication, and the courage to face auditions. These auditions are not merely formalities but pivotal moments where schools assess not just your current skill set but your potential to grow into a professional actor. Whether you’re aiming for a spot in a prestigious drama school in London or a specialized acting course in Manchester, understanding the audition process is your first step towards achieving your dreams. It’s about showcasing your acting skills and technique, yes, but also about demonstrating your readiness to tackle the rigorous training that lies ahead. So, before you step onto that stage or in front of that camera, make sure you’ve done your homework, honed your craft, and prepared to give it your all. Remember, every audition is an opportunity to learn, grow, and inch closer to your goal.

List of the Top Drama Schools in the UK 2024

The UK is home to some of the world’s most renowned drama schools, each with its unique approach to nurturing the next generation of performers. From the historic stages of RADA in London to the innovative classrooms of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff, these institutions offer more than just acting courses; they provide a gateway to the industry. Whether you’re drawn to the classical training of LAMDA, the vibrant community of Mountview in Peckham, or the comprehensive musical theatre training at Guildford School of Acting, there’s a place for every aspiring actor. Italia Conti continues to push the boundaries of performing arts education, while East 15 Acting School and Manchester School of Theatre offer programs that blend traditional techniques with modern actingand musical theatre demands. Each school, be it in bustling London or the cultural hubs of Manchester and Glasgow, aims to equip its graduates with the tools they need to succeed on both the stage and screen. So, as you consider your options, think about what each school can offer you, not just in terms of training but in creating pathways to your future career. Check out the full list below.

Leading Drama Schools

RankDrama SchoolDescription

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School is one of the most prestigious and respected conservatoire drama schools in the UK. It is located in Bristol, England, and offers a range of courses in theatre, film, television, and radio. Alumn Daniel Day-lewis


ArtsEd is one of the UK’s leading performing arts schools, offering a wide range of training programs in acting, musical theatre, and dance. Located in Chiswick, West London, ArtsEd provides both secondary education and higher education degrees, including BA and MA courses.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)

Located in London, RADA offers unparalleled classical training, producing world-renowned actors.

London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

Offers rigorous training in acting, with a focus on both classical and contemporary techniques.

Guildford School of Acting

Known for its comprehensive musical theatre training, located at the University of Surrey.

East 15 Acting School

Part of the University of Essex, offering programs that blend traditional techniques with modern acting and musical theatre demands.

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Offers innovative programs in Cardiff, blending traditional techniques with modern demands.

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Located in Peckham, London, known for its vibrant community and diverse acting courses.

Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts

Continues to push the boundaries of performing arts education with its cutting-edge programs.

Manchester School of Theatre

Offers a unique approach to actor training, located in the cultural hub of Manchester.

Oxford School Of Drama

The Oxford School of Drama is a prestigious conservatoire located in the UK, renowned for its world-leading actor training programs. It offers a unique vocational acting experience, distinguished by its rural setting which contrasts with the urban locations typically associated with conservatoire actor training

The University Of London 

(Central School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art) Alumni Sir Laurence Olivier

The University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a BA Drama program for the 2024 entry, which is focused on the study of theatre, performance, and screen media. This program is highly regarded, ranking 2nd in the UK for Drama and Cinematics according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023.

Manchester Metropolitan University

The Manchester Metropolitan University offers an actor training course through its Manchester School of Theatre. This program is designed to develop the craft of students aspiring to become professional actors for stage, screen, and radio.

Rose Bruford college of theatre and Performance

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is one of the UK’s leading drama schools and is renowned for offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs focused on theatre and performance.
Top UK Drama Schools

Training for Actors is immensely important and embarking on the journey to become a professional actor is no small feat. The path is filled with decisions that could shape the trajectory of your career. Among these, choosing the right accredited drama schools stands out as a pivotal moment. The landscape of drama education in the UK is rich and varied, offering a plethora of options for the aspiring performer. However, this diversity also brings complexity, especially when it comes to navigating the accreditation of these institutions.

Thorough research and decision-making are your best allies in this journey. It’s not just about finding a school with a prestigious name but discovering a place where your unique talents can flourish. Trusting your instincts plays a crucial role here. After all, your choice of drama school is not just a practical decision but a deeply personal one.

To aid in your quest, we’re excited to offer additional resources designed to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Our three-part video auditioning course is tailored to demystify the audition process, providing you with the tools and confidence needed to shine. Additionally, our ebook on acting success is packed with insights and strategies to help you navigate the early stages of your acting career.

By joining our mailing list, you’ll gain access to these invaluable resources, along with regular updates and tips tailored to aspiring actors. This is more than just a subscription; it’s your first step towards a successful career in acting.

Remember, the journey to becoming a professional actor is as unique as you are. With the right preparation, research, and a dash of intuition, you’re well on your way to making your mark on the stage or screen.

FAQs for the Best Drama Schools in the UK

  1. What distinguishes a conservatoire from other types of drama schools in the UK?
    • A conservatoire focuses intensively on performance arts, including music and drama, offering a highly specialized education. Unlike broader universities, conservatoires provide rigorous practical training, often leading to professional stage or screen careers.
  2. Can you study both speech and drama at UK drama schools?
    • Yes, many top drama schools in the UK offer courses in speech and drama, aiming to develop a comprehensive skill set in voice, diction, and performance, essential for both theatre and film.
  3. Are there any notable drama schools located in Birmingham?
    • Birmingham is home to prestigious institutions like the Birmingham School of Acting, part of Birmingham City University, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in acting and applied theatre.
  4. Which UK drama school has produced Academy Award winners?
    • Several UK drama schools have an illustrious list of alumni, but the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) stands out for having produced numerous Academy Awards winners, including Dame Judi Dench.
  5. When was the first drama school founded in the UK?
    • The first drama school founded in the UK is the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), established in 1904. It has since become a benchmark for excellence in acting education.
  6. What is the significance of the number 18 students in drama school admissions?
    • The number 18 students often refers to the limited class sizes in top drama schools, ensuring personalized attention and intensive training. This selective approach enhances learning outcomes and prepares students for professional success.
  7. How do drama schools in the UK incorporate screen acting into their curriculum?
    • UK drama schools increasingly recognize the importance of screen acting alongside traditional theatre training. Courses now often include on-camera techniques, film studies, and opportunities to work on short films, preparing students for the realities of the acting industry today.

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