Best Kid Talent Agencies in Atlanta

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Best Kid Talent Agencies in Atlanta

Atlanta is a bustling hub for the entertainment industry, offering numerous opportunities for young talents to shine in commercials, television, film, and theater. For parents looking to guide their children into the world of acting and modeling, choosing the right talent agency is crucial. Here’s a list of some of the best kid talent agencies in Atlanta, known for their professionalism, industry connections, and success in placing young talents in various entertainment roles.

Top Child Acting Agencies in Atlanta

1. Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc.

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  • Overview: Established in 1959, Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. is one of the oldest and most respected agencies in Atlanta. They represent children for film, television, commercial, and industrial projects. Their clients have appeared in numerous high-profile productions.

2. J Pervis Talent Agency

  • Website:
  • Overview: J Pervis Talent Agency is known for its comprehensive approach to talent management, representing kids in TV, film, commercials, and voice-over projects. They focus on both the development and career management of their young clients.

3. Houghton Talent

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  • Overview: With over 25 years in the business, Houghton Talent has a broad spectrum of clients, including a vibrant children’s division. They are known for their personalized approach to representation and have a strong presence in both the local and national markets.

4. East Coast Talent Agency

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  • Overview: Specializing in youth talent, East Coast Talent Agency offers representation for film, television, commercial, and voice-over roles. They pride themselves on their ethical approach to the business and their dedication to their talent’s growth and success.

5. People Store

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  • Overview: People Store is one of the premier talent agencies in the Southeast, with a robust kids’ division. They have a long history of representing top talent for a wide range of entertainment projects.

6. Babes ‘N Beaus Atlanta

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  • Overview: Babes ‘N Beaus Atlanta is a full-service talent agency representing children in all areas of the industry. They are committed to nurturing their young talents’ careers while ensuring they have a balanced and healthy childhood.

7. The Burns Agency

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  • Overview: The Burns Agency is known for its boutique approach, offering personalized attention to its young clients. They represent kids in film, television, commercials, and print.

8. Atlanta Talent Agency (ATA)

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  • Overview: ATA focuses on providing opportunities for young actors in the entertainment industry. They work closely with parents and casting directors to ensure their talents find the right roles that match their skills and potential.

9. BYSB Talent Agency

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  • Overview: Specializing in youth representation, BYSB Talent Agency is dedicated to the discovery and development of young actors for film, TV, and commercial work. They offer workshops and training sessions to help their talents improve their skills.

10. Evolution Talent Agency

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  • Overview: With a focus on developing their talents’ careers for the long term, Evolution Talent Agency represents children and teens in a variety of entertainment sectors. They are known for their strategic career planning and support for their talents.

Each of these agencies has its unique strengths and areas of specialization. When choosing an agency for your child, consider their individual needs, interests, and the type of representation each agency offers. It’s also essential to research and possibly meet with the agencies to ensure they are the right fit for your child’s career aspirations in the entertainment industry.

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