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1Mo and BeePLAYChain Theatre One-Act Play FestivalSònia Victoria Werner & Hannah YoungNew YorkNon UnionNon Pay2022-06-12Tech: 7/6 (2-5pm) Performances: 7/10, 7/14, 7/17, 7/23 (evenings)"Mo and Bee" focuses on artist Mo and their best friend Phoebe; an exploration of the love and art in their queer friendship is broken up by fragments from the ancient poet Sappho of Lesbos. Please note: For the roles of "Mo" and "Phoebe (Bee)", sapphic/LGBTQ+ actors are preferred. Email a dramatic and/or poetic self-taped monologue to MoAndBeePlay@gmail.com by 6/12, callbacks 6/14Non-union/unpaid - live theatre opportunity and theatre credit. Reach out to MoAndBeePlay@gmail.com with any and all questions.Mo20sFemaleFemale or Non-Binary -- 20's/college-aged, fem and/or nonbinary, a visual artist. Thinks in monologue, is always rationalizing yet is emotional, cautious, terrified of rejection. Best friends with PHOEBE. To submit: Email a dramatic and/or poetic self-taped monologue to MoAndBeePlay@gmail.com by 6/12, callbacks 6/14PHOEBE ("BEE")20sFemale20s/college-aged, fem, also a visual artist. Thinks in dialogue, lives in the moment, wants to be loved by everybody. Best friends with MO who calls her "BEE." To submit: Email a dramatic and/or poetic self-taped monologue to MoAndBeePlay@gmail.com by 6/12, callbacks 6/14JOEL20sMaleman, very straight (definitely studying Poli-Sci). To submit: Email a dramatic and/or poetic self-taped monologue to MoAndBeePlay@gmail.com by 6/12, callbacks 6/14Male2022-06-02 17:26:54232
2That's Messed Up!Short filmFrailessFilmsGeorge KolombosNew YorkSAG AFTRAPaid2022-06-077/15 - 7/31"A hotplate of romance between two diner workers gets some cold water thrown on it in the form of an after hours break in. They should have kept the lights on.”$125 a dayCarlosMid 30'sMale- Short - Portly - Hispanic - Mid 30s A kind hearted spirit who lacked childhood direction, and never lost his childhood sense of wonder or respect for grownups. His actions and voice are comical - he has big expressive eyes and a Chicano accent that rises and falls with his nerves. Poor options and poor choices have driven him into lowly criminal henchmen work. His time spent in jail was emotionally hurtful... How could his friends leave him holding the bag like that?WendyLate 40's - late 50'sFemaleThe All American working class waitress, she can build you up or break you down within an instant - If only she was so adept at long term planning. She dreams of a better life, but this is what she's doing for now... it's always what she's doing for now. Her failures have always been the physical world, momentary passions. She knows what's wrong, but doesn't follow through on fixing it. She's tough - she's sensitive - she can go with the flow to get the job done. Bittersweet. Resourceful. A surviver.JerryLate 50'sMale- Stocky - Ethnically Ambiguous - Mid 50s Jerry is consistent; Consistently friendly, consistently on time, consistently dull, consistently slippery. The diner is his life, but not his pride and joy... pride and joy are things he lacks. Interactions with entertaining patrons or the occasional affairs spice things up, and he tries to make those as fantastical as possible. He is a pillar of the community... which doesn't say much for the neighborhood.MillieLate 70'sFemaleA bag lady who has rode the waves of crime in the city - and has come away not unscathed. She is neurotic and obsessive; frequenting the same diner every day, if only to give her two cents to people who don't want to hear it. Her bigotry is a defense mechanism that has prevented her from growing old with grace. She adores those who are able to look past all of her faults, and treats them like the family she never had.2022-06-01 01:30:41231
3'Steal the Bacon'Student FilmColumbia University Film MFA ProgramAngeline DimambroNew YorkSAG AFTRAPaid2022-06-10July 21-23Casting "Steal the Bacon," a Columbia University MFA thesis film. Synopsis: Set against a sweltering Michigan summer. Teddy is 17 and obsessed with two things: soccer, and getting closer to her teammate Rata. Rivals on the field, a heat simmers between them. With one kiss, Teddy’s world will crack open but her world snaps shut just as quickly, leaving her just as she began—alone. Production states: "The film will premiere at the 2023 Columbia University Film Festival, before launching a larger festival campaign. As there is a low-level of physical intimacy in the short, production plans to have a intimacy coordinator. Production will also have a sports coordinator on set."Pays $125/day. All talent will be compensated at the SAG-AFTRA minimum rate regardless of union status. All relevant contracts to be finalized by production after final casting.Teddy18-23FemaleStrong. Stormy-eyed. A total beast on the soccer field. Teddy harbors a quiet, intense desire for her teammate and friend, Raya, but an internal shame has kept her on the sidelines of life. Note: Previous experience playing soccer highly preferred. Lead.Raya18-23FemaleElectric and disarming, Raya wins over anyone she sets her sights on—and she's got them set on Teddy. The team captain and coach's daughter, an invisible weight sits on her shoulders. However, she will learn that chasing the spotlight of other's approval can mean getting burned. Note: Previous experience playing soccer highly preferred. Lead.Libby (#16)18-23FemalePlays for the Hurricanes soccer team with Teddy and Raya. Always cracking jokes, she is buddies with Raya. Note: Previous experience playing soccer highly preferred. Day player.Male2022-05-24 16:00:48228
4Senior Thesis FilmShort filmBrooklyn CollegeAP TeamNew YorkNon UnionNon Pay2022-05-06May 12 - 16thA short horror film about two serial killers that fall in love.N/A Meals & Travel IncludedGuy28 - 45MaleGuy is a detective in the NYPD, he isn't the brightest bulb in the shop, slightly racist and very self righteous. His dies in a gruesome manor. This role is perfect for someone with improv training or anyone that has great comedic timing! Awesome opportunity for someone looking to add to their reel. Guy would only be needed for 2 days.MaleMaleMale2022-04-30 17:52:5653
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