Silver Linings Playbook (Tiffany)

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Monologue: Yes. Do you feel that? That’s emotion. Has anybody ever told you how Tommy died? We were married for three years and five days, and I loved him. But for the last couple months, I just wasn’t into sex at all. It just felt like we were so different and I was depressed. Some of that is just me, some of it was he wanted me to have kids and I have a hard enough time taking care of myself. I don’t think that makes me a criminal. Anyway one night after dinner, he drove to Victoria’s Secret at King of Prussia Mall and got some lingerie to get something going. And on the way back, he stopped on 76 to help a guy with a flat tire and he got hit by a car and killed. And the Victoria’s Secret box was still in the front seat. (pause) That’s a feeling.

From Australia, Greek family, lives in New York. It's a long story.

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