The Top Casting Directors In Los Angeles

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If you are new to Los Angeles or just starting your acting career out west, you would be well-advised to learn these names. Fortunately many of these casting directors have comprehensive websites or enjoy chatting it up online, which should make it easy for budding actors to follow along for news of upcoming casting events. Here are the top ten casting directors in Los Angeles that you should know about. Many of the Casting Directors on this list are very active and even post breakdowns on twitter.

The Top Casting Directors In Los Angeles

Cara Chute Rosenbaum

A 10+ year veteran in the LA casting industry, Cara, ironically, got her start casting arguably the most New York television show ever: Law & Order (but the rebooted Law & Order: LA version from 2011). Since then, her work in programming includes casting for shows like The Mindy Project, The League, and American Crime Story, for which she won her first Artios trophy from the Casting Society of America. Follow her on Twitter where she provides useful advice for up-and-coming talent.

David Rapaport

Those who know, know. David has cast just about every popular teen-based drama on television in the last fifteen years. From GossipGirl to 90210 to Riverdale. He’s also responsible for current hit shows like Batwoman, Supergirl, and Netflix’s You. David is fairly active on Twitter, so any actors looking for advice or tips should give him a follow.

Russell Boast

In addition to his role as the current president of the Casting Society of America, Russell remains a constant figure in LA casting circles, sourcing talent for shows like The Fix, Chance, ProvenInnocent, and the upcoming ForeverAlone.

Jennifer Euston

Jennifer got her start casting independent short films, but has since gone on to enviable success with major motion pictures like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Can You Ever Forgive Me?, for which Melissa McCarthy received a Best Actress Oscar nomination. She has also won 3 Emmys for her casting work in television, on shows like Girls, GLOW and Orange Is the New Black.

Deborah Aquila

Deborah is an LA-based casting industry veteran, having gotten her start as an assistant on TV’s Miami Vice (the original series). Since then, she has cast for huge blockbuster motion pictures like The Shawshank Redemption, Robin Hood, Mission Impossible: II, and La La Land.

Danielle Eskinazi

A premiere, LA-based commercial casting director, Danielle has worked with many famous brands­­––including Nike, Toyota, and Bud Light––hiring talent for some of their most successful ad campaigns. She is also known for sharing her insights and advice to newcomers on Twitter.

Nina Gold

In the casting industry, Nina is somewhat of a legend. Despite a solid start casting independent films overseas, including many of Mike Leigh’s earlier classics, she has since moved on to massive blockbuster franchises like Mamma Mia, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars. She’s perhaps best known for her work with HBO’s and Netflix’s television divisions, having won 5 Emmys for casting shows like Game of Thrones, John Adams, and The Crown––even Helena Bonham Carter gave her a personal shout-out in her SAG Award acceptance speech this year. While Nina Gold Casting, Ltd. Is based in London, she is frequently found taking meetings on this side of the pond.

Carmen Cuba

One of the top casting directors in LA, Carmen has had unbelievable success in both film and television. She’s cast for Magic Mike, TheMartian, and TheLaundromat, but she’s undoubtedly left the biggest mark on the small screen, responsible for Stranger Things, Behind the Candelabra (for both of which she won an Emmy), and most recently, Mrs. America with Cate Blanchett.

Russell Scott

Another LA-based casting whiz from the television industry, Russell has put together ensembles for some of the most critically acclaimed shows of the last fifteen years, including The Walking Dead, BreakingBad, TheHandmaid’s Tale, Dead to Me, and Better Call Saul. Russell is very active on Twitter, so any actor hoping to snag a role in a hit program should watch for his updates.

Marci Liroff

Marci is a casting legend––it’s not many people who can say they’ve worked on E.T., BladeRunner, Poltergeist, Indian Jones, and Mean Girls. From Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan to Ridley Scott, Marci’s iconic filmography is a whos-who of A+ casting work and she remains one of the most well-respected casting directors in LA.

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