The Fault In Our Stars (Gus)


GUS: Hazel Grace, like so many before you – and I say this with great affection – you spent your Wish… moronically. Hush! I’m in the midst of a grand soliloquy here. You were young. Impressionable. The Grim Reaper staring you in the face. And the fear of dying with your one true Wish left ungranted led you to rush into making one you didn’t really want, for how could little Hazel Grace, having never read “An Imperial Affliction” ever know that her one true wish was to visit Mr. Peter Van Houten in his Amsterdamian exile. If you were smart, you would have saved your wish till the time in your life when you really knew your true self. Good thing I saved mine. I’m not gonna give you my wish or anything. But I too have an interest in meeting Peter Van Houten and it wouldn’t make much sense to meet him without the girl who introduced me to his book, now would it? I talked to the Genies and they’re in total agreement. (beat) We leave in a month.


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