Finding Your Ideal Acting Class

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What’s a good acting class…? Ever been asked that question? Well, it’s kind of a complicated answer seeing as though different actors prefer different types of acting classes. Let’s say you are looking into getting in a class and need a little guidance in making the right decision. Picking your ideal acting class is an important step in getting the kind of training you want. So, let’s see if we can break it down into a checklist to help you find the ideal acting class that best suits you.

  1. Decide on the type of class you would like to take first.

There are all sorts of classes out there ranging from On Camera, Audition Technique, Specific Methods and Scene Study. My advice is to first decide which of these classes is the route you want to take. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Start off with one and as you feel you are progressing maybe audit another style of class to see if it interests you. You should always have a “home base” class. A class you are in regularly for training and community. I suggest getting into an on going scene study class that works on plays and make that your “home base”. This way you are regularly working on good material which will really push and expedite your growth as an actor. Then, maybe start doing other types of classes like “On Camera” and “Audition Technique” on the side. You need to feel things out and see where you are weak as you go on in your training. If you feel you need to do better in your auditions then take more audition technique classes and vice versa.

2. Research The Teachers/School. Once you have chosen a “class style”, start researching all the teachers and schools in your city that teach those classes. Look them up online and talk to people who have trained with them. There are certain sites where you can see reviews on classes and teachers. Many teachers have videos on YouTube and have also published books. There is a lot of information out there so do your due diligence.

3. Audit The Class
Not all classes allow auditing but many do. This is important because sometimes you may not like the teaching style of someone that your friend likes. We are all different. I have audited classes that friends of mine have raved about and I was dumbfounded when I audited. I could not believe they would study with such a person. To each their own, go and see for yourself before paying for a class. Acting classes are expensive so spend more time researching a teacher than you would researching a restaurant.

4. Pick A Class That Challenges You.
When you have narrowed it down to two or three classes after researching and auditing, go with the class that you believe will be the most challenging. Growth only comes from being put in uncomfortable situations. Training with teachers who think everything you do is great every time you put up a scene is not beneficial for you. Some actors think that they are that good which is why they don’t get notes. Baloney, your teacher either doesn’t know enough about the material or doesn’t challenge you enough. Knowledgeable, kind, tough teachers are where you want to be. Remember a tough teacher DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MEAN. This is a myth. In fact, if you are in a class where the teacher uses verbally abusive techniques leave that class. Teachers must be delicate and uplifting. A great teacher will push you and bring you up at the same time, not put you down.

We hope this list helps. A great class is super important as a foundation for your growth. Please don’t rush into making a choice. There is more than enough information out there to help you make the best decision when looking for your ideal acting class.

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