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It can be slightly more difficult to find the right monologue if you are a teenager. There is a ton of material out there for actors of all ages but not as many decent monologues for teens. So here is a list of original monologues for teenagers from David McDevitt. David is a 4th grade teacher and loves wiring monologues for actors and we are happy to showcase his work. Here are some of his monologues for teenagers.

Viral Video (Male, Comedy)
Let me tell you about my viral video but first I want to tell you whathappened before my mom started filming.I went to get my wisdom teeth out, right, and this lady was like flossing myteeth before the dentist did his thing and all of a sudden, I sneezed right inher face. There was no warning or nothing. Luckily, she had one of thoseface things on. You know those plastic things that cover your face. Butman, it was gross. My spit was dripping all down that mask thing.Ok, ok, ok, now for the video. So, like I said, my mom filmed me on herphone after my teeth got yanked from my face. I was all loopy from the gasstuff and I was talking, like, all slow and everything.My video got like 70 million viewsSo, anyway there is this girl I’ve liked since the 3rd grade and I’m all talkingabout her when my mom was filming me.My voice was all weird, right, and I’m talking about how I like these yellowpants this girl wears and how she has these cool earrings that sparkle.She has this beautiful smile and caramel colored eyes that will melt yourheart. But I think the part that made the video go viral was the part where Italked about how I like the smell of her breath. She sits next to me inscience and whenever she talks to me…I don’t know I just like the way herbreath smells. On the video I said, “It’s always sweet like candy.” That’swhy people call it the candy breath video.Anyway, after my mom posted the video I was like…I am going to changeschools. I never want to see anyone from my school again.But…it’s all cool. My mom made me go to school and most people havebeen pretty nice. I’m like a little celebrity on campus, you know.And the girl. She’s good…we’re good.

Have you ever had Cheez Doodles? For some reason the name Cheez Doodlespopped in my head the other day and I had to Google it to see if they were actually areal thing.They are your standard everyday cheese puff.  Why did that product just pop into myhead?The brain is an interesting thing.I have a hard time focusing my attention because my thoughts wander all the time.My dad used to call me Aimless Annie.I did okay in elementary school but I think it was because of my personality, notbecause of the work that I turned in.Now that I am in high school and my teachers only grade me on the work I turn in, I amnot doing so well.  I just can’t concentrate long enough on my assignments.Speaking of work, I don’t have a job.  My mom wants me to have a job. I’ve had a fewjobs but I keep getting fired for daydreaming.  I don’t know, I just like to go places in mymind and I am always thinking about random stuff.So, one time I went to Brazil to participate in their famous carnival they have everyspring.  The Brazilians call it the “greatest show on Earth”.  Anyway, I had on thisamazing outfit with all these colorful feathers sewn into it.  I was dancing in the streetwhen my manager at McDonalds tapped me on the shoulder to tell me I was burningthe hamburgers.You see, I’ve never been to Brazil.  I just went there in my head.  I read about a placeand the next thing I know I am there.  Honestly, I have such a vivid imagination that itreally feels like I go to these places.I must say, I live a pretty interesting life…in my head.  I just wish I could…(long pause…drifting off into a daydream)Sorry about that.  I was just at a Black Lives Matter rally for a second listening to aspeech about love and kindness.Anyway, I should probably go.  I have another appointment with the job placementoffice.  Maybe I should ask them to help me find a job as a daydreamer.

Skater (Male)

You know how I got that that new Minority skateboard for my birthday, right?Well, this morning I went out to the skatepark over at Arlington to break it in. Iwas warming up with some Casperflips on the flat area next to the big drop whenI heard my name being called. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from and whenI looked around I didn’t see anyone.Whatever, right? So, I just kept on with my warmup. I heard my name again andthis time I looked over at the big tree…you know the one…and I saw this girl’shead quickly pop behind the tree. Right away, I knew who it was.You’re never gonna guess. It was Tamara…dude…Tamara was at the freak’nskatepark calling my name. Seriously dude, it was her. Man, I’ve been in lovewith her since like forever.

So, you know what I did? I started calling her name, “Tamara…Tamara O’Brien,I see you.” …and I started walking over to the tree.When I got close to the tree she stepped out and was like, “Hey Chris, fancymeeting you here.” Don’t look at me like that, that’s exactly what she said.Anyway, we talked for a bit and then she asked to see some of my skateboardtricks.You know how I like to show off, right…so I took her over to the big drop to showher my Frontside 180. My plan was to catch some air right in front of her. So, Idropped into the bowl, flew to other side, came back toward Tamara, caughtsome air, did my 180, and on the way down my foot hit the edge of the bowl. Iended up rolling down to the bottom, slamming my head, and knocking myselfout.I don’t know how long I was out but when I opened my eyes, Tamara was gone.What, you don’t believe me? I’m telling you, it was definitely Tamara O’Brien.You probably think I just dreamed the whole thing when I was knocked out.Watch, tomorrow at school I am going to go right up to her and talk to her.Whatever, dude…I’m out.

Kissing (Female)

I don’t know.  Seriously, I know everyone is doing it but I just think it’sgross.  I see it in the movies, I walk down the halls at school and kids are doing it,and I have even seen my parents doing it…eww.Kissing with tongue is just so disgusting to me. I know Darren likes me…you have told me like a thousand times.  I’m justnot ready to have a boyfriend…especially if he would expect me to let himput his tongue in my mouth.What if I don’t do it right and even worse, what if he has really bad breath. What if I accidently throw up in his mouth?I know I have never heard of anyone throwing up in someone’s mouthbecause they had bad breath but this is what keeps me up at night.Darren is soooo hot and thinking about how cute he is also keeps me up atnight. (little laugh)I don’t know, Mindy, I just think I’m just scared, you know.I let my dog lick me on the face all the time but that’s different…that’s mydog…and I don’t let him put his tongue in my mouth.Anyway, Darren texted me this morning asking me to the school dancenext Friday.  I don’t know what to tell him.  I mean, I want to go, ofcourse…but this whole kissing thing is driving me crazy.Maybe if I could practice with someone first, you know.  I just don’t knowany boys that would be willing to teach me.Hey, I got it…Mindy, I know we’re both girls but do you think you can teachme how to tongue kiss?Wait Mindy…where are you going.  Come on Mindy, I was just kidding.Minnnndddyyyy, please come back…I was just kidding.

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