Mark Millar‘s ’American Jesus’ Unveils Its End of Times

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Mark Millar is ready to close the books on a creation he and artist Peter Gross have been working on for nearly twenty years. American Jesus: Revelation, the third and final volume in their comic book series, debuts issue No. 1 on Wednesday, and The Hollywood Reporter has a look at the opening scene, which takes place in a world in which the antichrist is the President of the United States.

Since launching the series in 2004, Millar has seen a number of his creations adapted for the screen, including Kick-Ass, Wanted and Jupiter’s Legacy, the latter of which Netflix adapted after purchasing the scribe’s comic book company, Millarworld. Now American Jesus is poised to hit screens too as a Netflix TV series.

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American Jesus was the second Millarworld book ever created, right after Wanted. Peter and I had always planned this as a trilogy, but it was only after we sold the company to Netflix in 2017 we actually got serious about sitting down and finishing it,” Millar tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “It had actually been going on so long, my serious concern was the REAL Jesus showing up before we even finished this thing. But now here we are, although it’s slightly chilling how much the real life Apocalypse seemed to be going on outside our window while we put this book together.”

The comic was initially called Chosen when it launched 2004, and was later renamed American Jesus for its trade paperback collection. Vol. 1 centered on a 12-year-old American boy who realizes he is the second coming of Christ. Netflix’s adaptation of the first volume of American Jesus recently wrapped a twenty-week shoot in Mexico.

Chosen is renamed The Chosen One in Spanish, since the origin location is moving from the returned Jesus Christ hiding out as a child in Mexico as opposed to Illinois,” says the scribe.

As for Revelation, Millar feels that he and Gross have stuck the landing.

“It’s the best ending I’ve ever done, so I’m really happy with it. Hopefully it was worth the 19-year wait. The Netflix show kicks off in spring with an adaptation of the first book,” says Millar.

Read on for a preview of the comic, due out via Image on Wednesday.

Mark Millar‘s ’American Jesus’ Unveils Its End of Times

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