Audition Tips for Actors

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As a new actor getting started out in the entertainment industry, there is one thing you’re going to be doing a lot of: auditioning. Some like it, some don’t, but everybody has to do it if they want to book work and kick off their acting career. If you want to know how to book an audition successfully, here are some important audition tips for actors you should know about.

1. Bring Your Materials

Perhaps the most important part of auditioning, if not acting in general, is proper preparation. That means never showing up to an audition without being totally prepared. Always remember to bring your headshot, resume, and script – and anything else you may have been asked to bring. You can even take multiple copies if you want to be really careful.

2. Be Off-Book

Many will tell you that you don’t need to be off book, yes you do. Being off book shows the casting directors you are serious and professional. Coming into an audition not off-book will reflect badly on you and will make your performance worse, so take the time to memorize that text. If you are memorized you can play more and even more importantly, you can adapt if you are given a note.

3. Dress the Part

When you go to an audition, you want the casting director to be able to imagine you as the character you’re reading for. Without getting crazy (no need for fancy costumes), try to dress and present yourself like you imagine the character would. If you’re auditioning to play a businessman, consider wearing business casual. If you want to play a teen punk, ripped jeans and a hat may be a good choice.

4. Be Personable

A big part of show business is based on personal connections, and people will hire those that they like and want to work with. So be nice, fun, and easygoing – that’s the kind of actor people want on set with them. Don’t act desperate. An audition is an opportunity for you to go in and showcase your skills. See it as just that, an opportunity.

5. Ask for Feedback

Most times you will be given an opportunity to do your scene at least twice. If the casting director doesn’t give you feedback after the first read-through, don’t hesitate to ask for it and see if you can give it another shot. It shows initiative, interest, and a desire to improve.

6. Make an Impression

During a typical audition day, casting directors will see dozens of people who all look pretty similar, so it’s easy for them to forget you. To prevent that, try to do something that they’ll remember. That doesn’t mean you should act crazy, but consider telling an interesting story, making a personal connection, or being funny – something memorable but casual and true to you.

7. Be Flexible

As we mentioned above, most often you’ll be asked to read your text a second and maybe third time. Be flexible and adjust your reading each time in accordance with the feedback you receive. You want to show that you’re directable. If you repeat the exact same performance you did the first time, it’ll reflect poorly on you.

8. Make Choices

As an actor, you have to make choices based off the script. What does your character want? What is their obstacle? How do they hold their body? You should always come into auditions with those choices already made. Even if they’re wrong, incorrect choices are better than no choices.

9. Be Professional

No matter what happens in that audition room, always be professional. Even if the casting director is rude, even if the audition disappoints you. You never know when you’ll run into these people again in the future, so always keep things professional.

10. Keep Going

One audition didn’t go well? Oh, well, on to the next! An actor’s life is all about audition after audition after audition. Learn to roll with the punches, brush off rejection, and keep trying. That’s the only way to succeed. It’s a tough job, but if you love it, you’ll find a way to shine in auditions.

We hope these audition tips for actors help. Good luck!

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